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Fixed Bazaar, Tejgaon, Other Fashion, 23 March - 2019

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টুইন সৌর প্যানেল সর্বোচ্চ ক্ষমতা পেতে
শুধু হালকা বাইরে হাঁটতে পারা এবং ফ্যান কাটনা শুরু
Feature:can blow cool wind by solar POWER
The innovative Solar Power Cool Cap and Solar Safari Hat use the sun's energy to keep you cool and fresh on hot days.
Great for gardening, golfing, picnics, camping, and other outdoor activities.
Use the sun's energy to fan yourself. An on/off switch allows you to control the built-in fan which is powered by a small, lightweight solar panel on top. Silent operation.
You may also attach two AA batteries** to run the fan in the shade. When you're in the sun the sun powers the fan! While your wilting friends are green with envy, you'll be cool as a cucumber. Or you could order one for a friend too! Adjustable to fit men and women.
Solar Kid Hat ,Children Solar Fan Cap
Item Type Sun Hats Pattern
*Product name:Solar Kid hat, children solar fan cap
*Style : casual/cute/gift
*Material: Plastics,PVC, Fabric
*Size:average size, can fit 3- 10years old children
*Hat circumference: 49cm - 55cm
there is an 1-2 CM error of the size measurement!
*Net Weight: 120gm
অর্ডারের নিয়ম==== ফোনে অর্ডার করতে ডায়াল করুন : 01684331861
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